(Github) Packages equivalent


are there any plans or possibilities to publish and get NuGet packages from Gitea?

I think what I am wondering is, if there is something available or planned like GitHub Packages?

What is odd is that there is a documentation page that claims this is possible:

However, the URL they suggest is 404. I can’t find a way to generate the package repository. The documentation begins as if the package repository already exists and it does not.

I found details here that help clarify:

The thing missing from the documentation is the port number.
You must add port :3000

Looks like this might come out in version 1.17

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The docs for this appear to already be live on docs.gitea.io already and 1.17 hasn’t yet been released to my knowledge: Package Registry - Docs

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It was added on Release v1.17.0-rc1 · go-gitea/gitea · GitHub

Now that 1.17 is stable you should see package support in the current release.

I have tested it and it works.

I’m trying to push a nuget package to my gitea (on promisse) , but I having no success.
I added a source, but the push operation allways return 404 .
error: Response status code does not indicate success: 404 (Not Found).

Do you any suggestion ?

What version are you running? (It didn’t exist prior to 1.17 and that means 404)

I’m running 1.17.2 built with GNU Make 4.1, go1.18.6 .

Can you see the URL it is trying to push to? Can you visit that URL manually? This may be a network\host layer issue and not an application layer issue.

After thousands of tries, I used a solution mentioned for someone in a blog:
“try to create a deploy key”
When I read this, I didn’t beleive, but I tried.

So now it’s working!

I could make the push!

Thank’s a lot for your attention!!