Upload package with Gitea actions

I’d like to use Gitea actions to publish automatically a build of a dotnet MAUI application in the Gitea packages (same repository).
I’m quite new to Gitea and Github/Gitea actions, after a few days, I finally managed to build my MAUI app on a linux docker, so a turned it into actions and it works fine.
==> Now I’d like to publish it in the Generic packages registry, are there any actions to do that, with the use of the runner’s token, it’s more simple. Or should I push it using a HTTP request, in that case, I need to authenticate my request, right?
Thank you for your answers.

You need to generate an personal access token with packages write permission to do that.

Ok thanks, so there’s no integrated action, I need to push it the same way any other web server.
Thanks so much for the clear answer.

If you want to release to your Gitea instance, actions/release-action: An action written by Golang to support publishing release to Gitea(not Github Actions compatible) - release-action - Gitea: Git with a cup of tea is the official way. For uploading packages, it depends on your packages types, you can use different clients, like npm, maven and etc.

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I’m going to watch this, thanks!