Linking packages to repos in other orgs

When publishing a nuget package to my user account where the associated repo is in an organization owned by my account, I am only able to link the package to a repo owned directly by my account and not to a repo in an organization owned by my account.
Is there a way to link packages to repos in my organizations not just in my account ?
If not then I guess we can forget about linking packages to repos as that would require one big flat repo space instead of our current ‘hierarchy’ using orgs.
The idea is that we want to have one single nuget source that is fed by multiple repos in different organizations ( and possibly owned by different users )

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I think you mean a global nuget package. It’s a new feature and there is already an issue.

Thanks - I looked around but can’t find anything regarding global packages on github or here on discourse or through google search.
Do you have a link to any documentation/discussion on global packages ?

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A package must belong to a user or an organization.

ok - but what about the global packages (registries ?) you referred to ? Can you provide a link to the issue mentioned ?

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Looking at this again - I still haven’t found anything about global packages related to gitea
The problem is that packages in a registry can only be linked to repos directly owned by the registry user or organization
I would like to setup a registry within an organization for ALL packages and have the ability to then link those packages to the source repos which would be owned by other organizations and/or users
As it stands now, separate registries are required for every unique user / organization which is just not a useful situation

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Adding my cry for that feature here, too …

I also have the issue, that I want to link a package to a repo owned by a different user.

I have setup different organizations, which are public and hence the packages are accessable anonymously.
My users have their repos as private, but are pushing to the public organizations packages via access-tokens.

Hence the workflows and the sources are private to the users, but the created artifacts are stored publicly available.

But I would like to link from the packages in the public organization to the repositories of the private users space.

I hope to reopen the discussion here and maybe even get a link to the ticket talked above?