Can Gitea be used as a self-hosted alternative to GitHub

Hi everyone, I’m a software developer and I’m currently looking for a self-hosted alternative to GitHub. I’ve heard about Gitea and I’m wondering if it’s a good choice.

My main concern is if Gitea has similar features to GitHub. For example, can I create repositories, issues, pull requests, and manage collaborators? Also, is Gitea user-friendly and easy to set up?

I would appreciate any insights from those who have used Gitea before. Would you recommend it as a self-hosted alternative to GitHub? Are there any limitations or drawbacks to using Gitea instead of GitHub?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Please have a look at Compared to other Git hosting | Gitea Documentation

My main concern is if Gitea has similar features to GitHub

Define similar. The bloatware isn’t a part of Gitea.
But the basic features are all there:

  • users
  • organizations
    • teams
  • repositories
    • mirrored repos (from somewhere or to somewhere)
  • releases
  • issues
    • issue forms
  • projects (in a rudimentary state)
  • actions (in an experimental state)
  • API
  • full control over your data
  • customizability

What GitHub has that Gitea doesn’t have

  • Way higher resource consumption, Gitea is successfully run on Raspberry Pis
  • Discussions
  • Multiline comments or comments on commits/files
  • Telemetry
  • a better insight tab
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We have been using Gitea for already six months in a small development team.

From the list of features you mention we use all of them but Issues.

And we are quite happy with it until now.

If you have any specific question I will be happy to try to answer it.