Problem with packages repository for nuget (with symbols)

I’ve tried yesterday to push nuget package into my account. While pushing regular nuget package works perfectly the problem is with snuget (nuget with symbols). Accordingly to documentation it should work out-of-the-box but I’m getting error:

Publishing nuget with command:
dotnet nuget push --source “gitea” Test.0.0.3.snupkg
Source “gitea” = {remote_address}/api/packages/someuser/nuget/index.json ← I tried to add /symbols, /symbolpackage after /nuget but with no luck

Can I fix it somehow? Maybe I’m missing something?

Ok. So it was fairly easy (after 3h of playing around) both .nupkg and .snupkg should be on the same folder. Next it’s enough to push only .nupkg - .snupkg will be uploaded also. All will work fine then :slight_smile: