Deleted 10 year-old GitHub Account. Thanks Gitea!

Here’s why I did it. Looking forward to what’s ahead. All eyes on you, Gitea. I’m hoping to see you bite the bullet and move off GitHub too.


Congratulations to you committing to having your own server. And for private or proprietary projects it makes perfect sense. However, services like GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, etc., will continue to have their place for community development. I say this while having community projects both on GitHub and on my own Gitea server. What I see, is that there is little to no interest from the community to contribute to open source projects while hosted on personal public-facing servers. This trend might change. However, as you know, the story is much too different on GitHub.

What I observe, is that it will be challenging to have the reach in a developer community setting with a project like Gitea. Sure, there are big plans and ideas as to how to make this happen, but the road ahead is tough. Many people are upset because Microsoft bought GitHub. I for one see this as a good thing. They forget that by the time they did buy GitHub, Microsoft was the top contributor in total open source code on the site. That right there is powerful, and in my opinion, good for the open source community.

I hear you now. But once we federate like Mastodon and add Telegram Passport auth its curtains for centralized development paradigms. Nevertheless, thanks.

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A dream come true!

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Congrats :slight_smile:

Bit of an old post to revive, but im right there with you. I don’t recall exactly how old my account was, but it was also 10+ years. The last few years of github removing repos without warning over things like false copyright strikes, or political people / law enforcement people just “asking them nicely” to do so, finally pushed me to just stop using a service i don’t agree with.

I’m now fully migrated to a self hosted gitea. and while i have no doubt microsoft and the larger community doesn’t care about a single person with a handful of repos made up of crappy python code leaving, i do think its important we acknowledge each other when we do it, because its clearly the right choice of us.