Interest in using Gitea as hosted service?

Hello there!

I’m starting a new concept called “Open Services” for running Open Source Infrastructure similar to how Public Utilities are run today. There is more information about what Open Services is here: GitHub - open-services/open-services: Description of Open Services and a framework for operating them

So, with that in mind, I was wondering if there is any interest in having a public, 100% open platform for Git hosting, with a deployed instance of Gitea for public use?

The service would be funded by the users on a voluntary basis. The infrastructure would be maintained by the Open Services community while the software would be the standard distribution of Gitea, without any extra services built on top.

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Seems like there is interest, as there are many of these types of instances. The following are funded by the community that uses them:

Edit: Please don’t take this as me discouraging you, by me pointing out others are doing it is showing that it can be done. I encourage you to do this.

Awesome, searched a bit before but didn’t find anything. Great!

It does not discourage me at all, just shows that people wanted it enough for someone to already create it :slight_smile:

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