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Hi, giteaers! We are happy to announce that is open fo registration. We are trying to move gitea’s development to but not ready now because we needs to migrate all gitea data from github to Please help us to send issues still to github currently. We will begin to move gitea’s development after migration PRs send and merged. And If you have any problem when visiting please go to to feedback.


This is positively splendid! Please roadmap Federated goodies sooner or later. Mastodon style comms would be amaze.


Federated Gitea instances support is an amazing feature request.


Hello Mr. @lunny, this is my first post here after registered just few minutes ago. I have important questions:

  1. What are limitations of every account in Giteacom? For example, explanation that per account gets 1GB capacity, max number of repos, allowed licenses, or stuffs.

  2. Where are the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

  3. Where is the Imprint/Impressum legal?

The problem is, whenever I go to Giteacom I cannot find any of these information.

I am currently writing an article about code hosting like Giteacom (and I am glad it is an instance created by Giteaio Project itself) so I really need these information. Thank you in advance and I admire your works in Gitea.

@Malsasa Sorry for late. The main purpose of currently is host gitea’s development. Currently there is no limitation on it. We are still preparing for those legal content.

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Hello Mr. @lunny, this is wonderful. Thanks for your clarification!

  • @lunny I’m just curious, is there any explanation of What are limitations of every account in Giteacom today, 4 years later? There is still no relevant restriction description on the official website.

Sorry missed the article. Everyone can only create 5 repositories.

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