How to kill github

(in french, sorry)

06/18 : Microsoft rachète Github
10/18 : Dans sa dernière release, GitLab ajoute les fonctionnalités de recherche et et merge-request cross-instances.
12/18 : Gogs et Gitea suivent et comme tous sont open-source et pas trop cons, on peut faire des recherches et des pull-request depuis l’un vers l’autre
03/19 : commentaires via ActivityPub sur les trois plateformes : on peut commenter des commits de GitLab depuis Gogs, Gitea et même Mastodon.
2020, Microsoft sur GitHub : il y a quelqu’un ??

Sorry I don’t know French. For public repositories, GitLab, for private repositories, consider Gitea.

Sorry, i should have translated it.
It was humour about a federated and decentralized network that could kill github :slight_smile:

18/06 : Microsoft acquires Github
18/10 : In its latest release, GitLab adds search and merge-request cross-instances features.
18/12 : Gogs and Gitea follow and since all are open-source and not too stupid, we can do search and pull-request from one to the other
19/03 : comments via ActivityPub on the three platforms: you can comment GitLab commits from Gogs, Gitea and even Mastodon.
2020, Microsoft on GitHub: is anyone there??

If you want a federation as a replacement for GitHub, you can star/comment issues:

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Why would the community want to kill GitHub? Just because Microsoft acquired it? If so, for the consequences…the great philosopher DJ Khaled once said “congratulations…you played yourself”.

The title was humour.
Github has been a problem for a long time, not for the Microsoft buyout, but because it has become too big, too centralized, and totally closed.
It’s a silo, and like all silos, Facebook, Amazon, I don’t trust it.
They concentrate too much data, especially since Microsoft also owns Linkedin.
A diverse and decentralized (and open source) solution would be much more beneficial to all.
That’s my opinion.

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I conur with this. Any company is not to be trusted unless they are totally open-source, which is a problem because we will never see what the company truly stores about their users.

Even something like Gitlab is not a completely viable option because it is not open-source, is for-profit, and is not self-hosted.

Gitea is a valuable option because it is totally open-source and self-hosted.