Where email addresses are taken for notification

We use Gitea for awhile now and we come to a weird issue. In one of the organization, when someone complete a Pull Request, an email is sent to a generic mailbox (as well as the contributors). The issue is that we want to stop sending email to that generic mailbox, but I can’t find where Gitea took this address. I search in the database (user, user_table and also search throught all columns content).

I search on that subject and did not find any relevant information or the information is too old (more than 2 years old).

I try to look at the source code, but did not find anything for my issue. There is also a chance that I did not search at the right place not knowing how the norification mechanism works. Also, is there any cache that may cause this? If so, how I can clear the cache?

Do someone have other ideas?