Enable email notification for everything (push pull etc)

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I’m just wondering if email notification is possible in gitea? As I cannot find any email notification for all GIT operation (push, pull, create new repo etc) or when team member made a push and will have email notification. I’ve been trying webhook but it simply wont work well with other webhook receiver compared to Github.

Is there any way to enable email notification or shoot email to Outlook when anything happen in repo? All email related option already enable including in site administration and settings. The test email is working well btw.


I think not all events will be triggered by mail notifier, see https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/blob/master/modules/notification/mail/mail.go#L13.

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that’s unfortunate. thank you!

I would find it very useful if this could be made configurable. Eg. if I create a repo, I would like the people who are going to collaborate on this receive an email, and/or have notification settings available in a profile.

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