Unable to create org repo as owner

I recently upgraded to 1.17.0 on several machine and it mostly went smoothly.

A windows server is causing me a few headaches but the biggest one is one specific ORG for some reason now produces “forbidden” (403 in the logs) when any of the owners try to make a new repository …

Site admin can make org repos, other organisation can have repos made by their owners, it is just this one???

For now I have made a new team called admin and added the two owners to it with org admin rights so they can do usual activity but this is worrying.

The other quirk is the windows service fails to fully start (from service manager perspective) even though gitea had launched. This means by weekly backup scrip will not be able to stop the gitea service as it isn’t technically started


if anyone is interested I was able to strip the instance back to the bare minimum to demonstrate the issue: