Gitea: Push to create is not enabled for organizations

This is a fresh instance of Gitea 1.25.2

I have copied various repos from Gitlab into Gitea (like a breath of fresh air!!). I seem to have all the basics setup and working OK.

I’ve been trying to update repo information on my desktop but having issues trying to push to the server.

With this error

git push

Gitea: Push to create is not enabled for organizations.
Gitea: ServCommand failed: internal API error response, status=403
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

So I have one organisation only. One Team of Owners only.

It seems to work OK if I clone, add files, commit and push, but I cannot get an existing one to sync.

Any suggestions or bright ideas? I’m sure it is lack of knowledge and/or stupidity on my part but can’t see an answer so far.

  1. Gitea 1.25.2? Are you a time traveler?

  2. Push to create

That’s the feature to create a non-existing repo with a push. You should create the repo first without initializing it, then you can push it.
Or you enable push to create.

Ha - that was yesterdays job. :rofl:

v 1.21.5

Yeah this is an existing repo I am try to synchronise with, not create new one.

I have sneaking suspicion it is because either the keys aren’t working as expected or the url is incorrect.

I need to go get wine, have a long relaxing weekend, and then test again with a clear head on Monday.

Yep, sounds like a wrong pushing URL then.
What’s the output of git remote show origin?