[SOLVED] SSH Access to Organization Repos

Gitea version: 1.16.2, (docker.io/gitea/gitea container)

I’ve moved some repos in the ownership of an organization and now I can’t get ssh access any more.

Situation before:

  • myRepo owned by myUser
  • ssh key myKey added to my account

This worked perfectly.

Then I created an organization myOrg and transferred ownership of myRepo from myUser to myOrg. myUser is part of the Owners team. I now don’t have SSH access to the repo.

I tried adding myUser as a collaborator,no luck.
I tried generating a deploy key and using that instead of myKey, no luck.

I’m obviously doing stupid, but I can’t figure out what.

EDIT: I found out what stupid thing I was doing! I never updated my remote url to use myOrg instead of myUser.


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