Team maintainers

Hi all :slight_smile:

We are planning to use gitea at work and checked the rights management in gitea.
It runs quite nicely and the organization and team management in gitea is ok but it seems it lacks an important feature… There are no team maintainers/admins, right?
The use case we would like to have covered:

  • We have organizations where repos are per default private (possible)
  • We create teams responsible for specific repositories (possible)
  • The teams should have access to all the teams repositories (possible)
  • The team should have a team maintainer or team admin, who could handle all the team repository admin stuff as well as adding and removing team members (not possible)
  • The team maintainer should be managed by the organizations admin (not possible)
    Is this correct? Is there a plan on implementing such team maintainers or similar?


I’m not sure what the future plans are (just started using Gitea myself) but for “work” use you should probably be charging the company to do the research instead of asking for hand-me-outs (just saying).

The following doc should answer some of your questions: