Repository Organization

We’re planning to move to gitea at work. Right now we use gitolite and while it’s good for what it does I have been looking for a more visual alternative - and one that allows pull requests - for quite a while.

I’m trying to come up with a plan on how to organize repository access in gitea. With gitolite we have 3 basic groups: developers, interns and apprentices. Repository access is granted to one or more of those groups. While it’s pretty coarse grained it does the job fairly well.

As far as I understand gitea there will be no 1:1 migration for the repo access. I see a couple of different approaches:

  1. Create repositories and mange individual collaborators directly on the repository.
  2. Create one organization for the entire company and three teams. But I don’t see how I could assign individual repositories created in the organization to different teams? I guess that’s just not how it works.
  3. Create multiple organizations for groups of repositories and use teams for managing read/write access to the repositories inside the organization.

Any advice on which of the approaches work best?