Adding repository to team (group)

I have created a Team of developers and I want to associate some repositories to it, but I can’t find a way to do it through the Web interface of Gitea …

What is the procedure to associate a repository with a group inside an organisation ?


Press on link 0 repositories in team settings and there you will be able to add organization repositories for that team

Thanks. I just want to suggest making this easier to find. It must be the third fourth time I’m clicking around all over the Gitea site, organization, etc. and fail to locate this one. Searching the web eventually brings me here.

I think one reason is that the “members” tab is the default, and then there’s a ‘Settings’ button that you hope will provide this option. Maybe it would be more obvious if one would turn the ‘members’ and the ‘repositories’ links into buttons. Possible as two tabs ‘Members’ and ‘Repositories’ on top of the right panel show the content of those?

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