Can Gitea Meet Those Needs Without Too Much Administration Work?

We need to have a Git repository hosting service with the following requirements:

  1. A private repository
  2. Someone can fork the repository to be a private repository under his/her user account
  3. A small group of people/user accounts will be notified if the person’s repository has any updates such as a push
  4. The person’s repository will be locked (not any push is allowed) after a period of time
  5. The person’s user account along with the repository and the team will be removed after a period of time

Based on what we have learned about Gitea, we come up with a solution as the following:

  1. Create an organization and create the private solution in the organization
  2. Add the user account to the organization so that s/he can fork the repository
  3. Create a team in the organization and add the person’s account to the team along with other user accounts
  4. It is unknown that Gitea has a solution for auto repository lock up
  5. It is unknown that Gitea has a solution for auto user account deletion and the team deletion

With the above approach, there will be a lot of administration work.

We figure a hack with the admin user account to reduce the administration work. Let the rest of the team members have the admin right so that they can access the person’s private repository and watch it.

Thanks in advance for any advices on this matter.

You can do the automatic work via Gitea’s API and some scripts with cron.

Thanks very much for your advice.

Can you provide some guides on what APIs we shall look into to solve the problem?