[SOLVED] Strange things about issue referencing

I’d just moved to version 1.9.2 (from 1.9.0) and I have noticed a strange thing about issue referencing.

I have an issue #1 in a project, and I made a commit with message like ‘#1: - some message’ and the commit didn’t get linked to the issue, i.e. there’s no message `someone referenced this issue from a commit…’, while the commit is visible in the commit list.

The other thing is all previous commits are still referencing the issue, but hovering mouse cursor over the ‘#1’ in the message previously pointed to the issue, but now the whole message points to the commit itself (the code diff).

Did reference rules change somehow or am I doing something wrong?

Ok, I looked at the source code and saw it was really changed.

Just in case, here’s the regex which is used: