Show changesets in issue based on issue branches

Hello everyone,
is it possible to show the change sets of an issue by using feature branches instead of manually referencing it in commit message?

My team have used mantis with SVN and configured them to import the change sets of every commit into mantis by referencing a valid issue in the commit body.
Now we are experimenting some workflow with git + gitea (with gitea builtin issue tracker) and we’d like to have a similar behaviour, i initially thought to force the same issue-commit reference using hooks (issue number forced into commit message) but they want something more advanced like referencing directly with the branch name (eg issue-), in practice avoiding the need to insert ticket number in commit message.

Is it possible to achieve this in gitea or do you think i need to hack it to get this scenario working? (assuming this scenario makes sense, i learned git basics just recently).

Thanks guys!
I forgot to say that gitea is just fantastic! Keep going!

I think you can post this to issues so that somebody may fix that.