Running from SSH

I do not care about lame excuses like I didn’t know/it never came to me as being useful or other shitty ones… All I want is truth

Installed Gitea. Now Im with runnable file called Gitea. Every time I run it, console gets stuck with little log-like messages. Last message being sth among the lines
Serving Gitea on [::]:[::] on port 3000.

OK nice, that is what I was looking for, Gitea instance up&running and fully accessible… wow. But, thing is - I want my ssh session back without interrupting Gitea instance. How to do this?

If you configured gitea with external SSH(default setting). Gitea will not listen on 22 port itself.

I can’t say I appreciate the tone of your first paragraph, but I do understand that people like to just post stupid stuff that has nothing to do with your question.

@lunny is absolutely right - and that will suffice as an answer to your question, but it doesn’t explain how you can work around this issue. My post here can shed some light on how:

I hope that helps!

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