Git internal ssh server

I’m going to add gitea to an existing (personal) server where I host a number of other apps, I manage that server with ansible, it’s centos 7, a low spec vps.
I’ve just started using git and I’m even newer to gitea itself, I understand gitea manages the local server ssh keys and Ideally I wouldn’t want that, it’s making the handling of the server via ansible more complex, I think the ssh internal embedded server would solve the issue, right?
where would I configure that? is it gonna run it’s own sshd on a different port than 22? any idea how that plays with selinux?

It can either use the built in SSHD, or the internal one is an SSH implementation in go and has to run on a different port.

Should be fine with SELinux, but if you run into any problems you can turn on permissive mode in selinux to see what is being blocked, and you can then resolve each item.

If you have any followup questions or I missed something please feel free to respond to this post.