Installing Gitea though SSH problems

I’m having problem installing gitea though SSH. I begin the installation of gitea by means of ./gitea to which the installation begins but hangs at the last line as seen here;
I must terminate CTRL+C the installation. I’m assuming it did not complete the installation ?

It seems to be working, that is how Gitea runs. Install Tmux or Screen on your device and run Gitea in a session so it does not block your terminal and runs always in the background. I use it with Supervisor under systemd.

How can I view the site which users will see ?
How do I run Gitea in a session ? I’m running it remotely on another server.

As you see in the terminal, it is running in port 3000.

If this is a remote site, you can forward that port to your local pc. So it goes like something like this

ssh -L3000:localhost:3000 USER@MYSSHSITE

Just add "-L3000:localhost:3000 " to your regular ssh command

So now port 3000 from the remote pc will be avail to your local pc as port 3000. Then open your browser on the pc that you are using the ssh from (not the remote one) type “”, it should show up.

If you have direct access to the remote site with ip and if the port 3000 is open you can just type http://REMOTEPC:3000

If I understand this correctly, I login to SSH by means of ssh -L3000:localhost:3000 <user>@<site/domain>
At this point the port is forward to the local PC. From there I go to;; rather then http://<domainIP> ? If this is correct, I’m still unable to get it to show up ?

You have to have 2 seprate ssh sessions, one running it, one forwarding it. You can also try -L3000:, sometimes localhost might not be defined in the system.

Use supervisor to start gitea when your system boots, so you do not have to ssh and run it all the time

@karpady I can’t install supervisor though SSH I assume because the server is not using Ubuntu and Debian; I strictly only have SSH access so the command apt-get install supervisor does not work.

I don’t want to always have to run two SSH sessions to get gitea to run. Why can’t gitea be started and run 24/7 as is the case with, github; unless I’m not clear over something ?