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I wasn’t able to find a related topic so fast.

We have a Gitea server that works great.
But as part of our “Company structure” we need to have the project also in the corresponding folder.
So is there a way that when I make a commit to the master that the Project folder is always getting the latest commit automaticly and when a new project is placed it automaticly commits and push?

An scenario:
-Program is created in Visual Studio and the whole project map (SLN and everything) is commited to the git server.
-Another programmer has cloned that project made changes pushed it to the git.
-Git that has a Path to a folder on the network. Pushes everything to that folder.
-The Customer wants the software. So the project in that folder is always the latest “Master” version.
-Customer made a few changes over the years, but than comes back to us
-We get the project paste it back into the folder and commit/pushes back to the git (So we know the changes that has been made while the Customer made the changes)
-Clone back the project and make the new adjustments.

Is there a way to create something like this in Gitea and is there documentation that can be followed.
(Sorry again if there is, couldn’t found it)

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Yes this should all be possible. Majority of it is actually just local git handling and has nothing to do really with gitea (besides maybe PR’s / merge handling). The only thing gitea is really involved in is the path to a folder on the network where you want everything you push to your repo end up in; it’s just a simple webhook in gitea and then you need something like jenkins or woodpecker that gets notificated by the webhook and does it’s job (in this case cloneing the master into said folder). Hope I could help you :smiley: