Gitea as intermediate git server

Hi, new Gitea user here.

I’ve successfully installed the latest version of Gitea on a local CentOS 7 system. It works well, and the UI is very clean.

I want to use this as an intermediate git server. I have a number of repos hosted at github. What I’m looking to do is to essentially clone one or more of those repos onto Gitea, and use the local Gitea server as my working system. I want to be able to push all changes up to the Github repo on request.

How would I do that with Gitea? The mirror option was intriguing, but I’m not sure it’s exactly what I want.

Thanks in advance


A mirror would pull but not push.

In order to achieve what you want, I think you would need to incorporate a git hook that pushes changes to a remote (GitHub)

First off, thank you for responding. Now on to the questions:

Won’t the git hook run every time a commit is made?

I only want to push to the remote on a manual basis.

So, I guess I need the following questions answered:

Where are the git repos stored? I think I found them here: gitea-repositories/(username)

When a repo is migrated in from github, does it still retain the github repo as the ancester? If it does, then I can write a simple script to do a git push of a specific repo when requested