Desktop Client gui

Im looking for a desktop gui that works with gitea. Im missing something. Can someone point me to one that works and possibly even a tutorial on how to get it working. Thanks

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I personally use Git Cola for reviewing my changes and staging them prior to committing. It looks like this:

It’s quite simple to use, here’s a general single-branch workflow. If you have multiple team members touching the same files, you will want to learn how to use feature branches.

  1. In the menu, click Actions → Pull (equivalent to git pull). This is necessary if you or another person made changes on another machine and pushed them to the remote repository.
  2. Modify your files
  3. Review your changes in the “Status” pane. When you’re happy with a file’s changes, double click it to stage it (equivalent to git add [file]). Only staged files will be committed to your repository.
  4. Once you’ve reviewed all your changes and staged them, fill out the “Commit” pane with your commit message and optionally a description. Click the “Commit” button to commit your changes (equivalent to git commit -m "your message here").
  5. In the menu, click Actions → Push (equivalent to git push). This will push your changes to the remote repository, backing them up and making them available for anyone else with access to the repository.

Ok. Thanks. Ill give that a try when i get back home.

Ok it took a lot of playing with the program however, i have it working with my gitea server.
Thanks for your help. I’ve got a lot to learn about using Git.

Glad it worked. Good luck in your Gitea adventures!