Issue #5466 improve documentation and colaboration

as suggested by @lafriks and @techknowlogick i move the issue and marked questions about gitea build and distributions for distribution and other developers that need ad-hoc solutions or wants to improve documentation

Firts of all, i introducted: there’s two important topics, gitea are distributed as a binary with build-in asstes and files inside the binary itselft, that’s souns good until that binary becomes too big and undistributable, documentations only arge that “easy”, “quick”, “selft-contained”, but when administrators are in hurry, must come to this forums or try to be lucky in the gitea issues … but that’s the problem, are in hurry, and its supposte that documentation are here!

Second, building from sources to be possible modifications for ad-hoc solutions are difficult, due “administrators” can see “Feature Comparison Data Sheet”( but cannot implement this “fast” and then the management (Managers) decides for it’s administrators and implements a proprietary solution, i mean, by example said: “CSV support” but what that means? CSV support for what? and how?

Q 1: @techknowlogick said “If you build from source without bindata tag, then files being in the same path as gitrepo” but obviously they not read carefully my question when i said: " so we do not will include all the gitea sources of course!" so i ask AGIAN: what files only to run without use bindata build!

Q 2: @techknowlogick said “Make sure to keep built binary (for dev) in root of git repo so it can use assets if not bundled into binary.” that are not good and are not possible, i partiuculary see that cmake does, the build process are apart of original sources, this keep clean the work when i do something bad! of course we have the git management command line, but as i said, we are always in hurry and administrators or users dont wants to spend too much time deploying gitea… but wants to deploy very customized of course… so i ask : can explain more the changes in build process to tray to document that?, by example: there’s a new tag build named “sqlite_unlock_notify” but to find information about, i must to go to commits!!, that’s its too much spend of time for administrators that wants to deploy an ad-hoc solution and search for more!

Q 3: i want to know how exactly we can all of us as administrators or users, deploy a gitea as cgi application¡? i mean: obviously must be using a socket path but as deamon? a cgi as daemon? fi yes, could be possible run as normal cgi with no-daemon mode?

maybe you mean this

hi @lunny i already read ALL the documentation and that you pointed are very limited and does not answered in none my questions°! please do you understand that i ask here?

by example documentations always point that “if you want to customized use custom/xxxx” so in custom path only must be the customized and altered files … i’m taking about default files ok! in any case, documentations does not point explicit that “custom” its a path of same default files (now understand that) but for altered manner of

@ mckaygerhard It’s easy you build the source, so we have no clear document about that. If you are familiar go development, you can find you can just type go build and copy all static folders and that’s OK. The statis folder are options, templates, public,custom.

thanks @lunny thas only answer the question number 1… there’s still other two reamining and for sure that only directorios are the necesary to run?

I’m also very interesting in this information, I don’t like too much the bindata for my internal intranet distribution, so then this kind of questions are very usefull for who wants to deploy and distribute with specials settings, by example: I wants a default files appart of those already customized!

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For what it’s worth, my observation is that documentation is there for those who spend the time looking through the GitHub forums. If it’s not there, and it’s not here, we should work together to help one another by producing the docs, rather than sulking. Given this is an open source effort I, for one, have been very pleased with the velocity and improvements made to this project since I began using it several months ago.

err @anon74399538 i wants to contribute, but how can i write someting that i not confirm that works or are correct? so? invent? please! i ask to confirm and actually nobody knows how to configure as cgi application so please … how can i made that? if there’ no idea to made it!

I had what I believe is a similar problem in the past. And what I found worked was writing instructions on a blog while teaching myself to do something. This was beneficial in learning, benefited others who wanted to learn what I had written about and helped me remember how to do things. If you’re coming from another language perhaps writing in your native tongue first would be easier. You can teach yourself then, innovatively, and share with everyone here. :hugs:

err sorry for the rough,I already do that, please, i need info. not techniques! i really appreciate you recommendations but i already do that you said! and my articles are very detailed!

currently i need gitea make it works with unix socket configuration or something that help to deploy as cgi app… for other that wants to answer here please read the firt post!

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when the developers will answer that questions?

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