Mail Notification alerts for code pushes

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How to configure Email Notification alerts for code pushes for code review by Watchers.

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This is obviously an old, stale post, but I am also curious how to configure email notifications properly. I have enabled email notifications in the Gitea server configuration file app.ini and can see the checked box in the Administration page for email notifications. Also the test email indeed is delivered to my inbox, so sending email is working. However, I do not get email notifications for commit pushes for repos that I am watching. Is there an additional setting somewhere I overlooked?

According to my tests, I’m getting this on 1.14.2:

  • mail notifications do not work for git push
  • they do work for pull requests

So to get a mail notification for all changes to master/main branch, you have to protect it and work on it using pull requests.

Currently, I don’t know about branching/merging manually. Maybe you’ll get mails, maybe not.