Gitea is not sending Notifications


We have a locally hosted Gitea instance and I want to have notification e-mails sent to the users linked to activity. For example, when they are assigned as reviewer for a PR, when there’s activity in a PR they are watching or when they are mentioned.

I have configured Gitea mailer section in configuration and I can send testing e-mails from there without any problem.

Users have e-mail notifications enabled in their profile.

But still they receive nothing and I can’t see any error message in the logs.

Any advice on where to look at?

Thanks in advance!!


Hello what is your configuration [mailler] in the app.ini file
did you enable notification in [service]
;; Mail notification

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For those facing this challenge. But who are not familiar with this ENABLE_NOTIFY_MAIL configuration. The correct configuration in [service] is this:

;; Mail notification

Below is the same answer as above. But with details if you’re interested in those.

ENABLE_NOTIFY_MAIL: false: Enable this to send e-mail to watchers of a repository when something happens, like creating issues. Requires Mailer to be enabled.” Source at

Related ticket at

Other related configuration at

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you are right, true to enable

I had to deactivate the service because the notifications spam all users (I’m looking for a better configuration if you have a track)
I forgot to modify when copying the line from or the false

I had to deactivate the service because the notifications spam all users (I’m looking for a better configuration if you have a track)

Feel really free to deactivate this for all your users

The challenge with deactivate this for all your users is that, the users who do need email notification can not access this feature. In other words, this resolve a challenge. While at the same time, it results in another challenge.

To resolve this challenge above, instead of deactivating email notification for all users, I suggest educating them. Then, letting each user decide if they need email notification or not.

Below is the same suggestion as above. But with details if you’re interested in those.

If you’re not familiar with allowing each user to decide if they need email notification or not, I suggest those three steps:


  1. Educate(a) all users about their Your primary email address will be used for notifications and other operations field

  2. As Admin, set ENABLE_NOTIFY_MAIL = true

  3. When a user complains that he/she is spam by unsolicited email notifications. Remind that user about the step 1 above. In other words, re-educate this user. You can expect some users, in good faith, will need multiple reminders. I suggest to also communicate to them that they have control over their configuration. That you, as Admin, it is not sustainable to manually configuring this for all users. In other words, this one time configuration is per user. It’s just an easy button each user need to click on to configure to their liking.


(a) By “educate” above, I mean, using your own words, communicate this to all your users:

  1. Starting today, a new feature is available. Which allows you to configure the email notification to your liking. Including only Email on mention, Enable, or fully Disable Email Notification, and other options. By default, email notification is Enable for all users. To change this present Enable configuration, you simply need to click on a button in your Settings page. To find this button, the steps are below.

  2. Navigate to Profile and Settings… menu —> Settings option —> Manage Email Addresses group —> Your primary email address will be used for notifications and other operations. field. Choose any option to your liking. If unsure, set to Only Email on Mention. Which means that email notification are deactivated. Unless someone manually mentioned your name into a comment. This screenshot shows this field.

  3. Optionally, after you did the configuration above, configure your email notification per issue/ticket. Using any ticket, click on this Notifications toggle button.

Hello @Francewhoa

I created a thread about my problem

-on the other hand I can only modify my address in “Manage email addresses”-
I have forgot to enable service

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I didn’t notice about the ENABLE_NOTIFY_MAIL configuration parameter :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Once I change it to true, notification started to be sent.



I am having trouble with this too.

[mailer] is configured ok - I can send the test email from the site administration → configuration page, and it is received ok.

I have

ENABLED       = true
FROM          = "Myco Gitea" <>
PROTOCOL      = sendmail
SENDMAIL_PATH = /usr/sbin/sendmail
SENDMAIL_ARGS = "--" ; most "sendmail" programs take options, "--" will prevent an email address being interpreted as an option.


My email address is activated, and I have set “And your own notifications” as my preference (or just Enable Email Notifications) in my user settings, and I’m watching some repositories.

Gitea doesn’t send any email on commit by me or anyone else though. What did I miss?

Notifications for pull requests is working.

Is notifications for all pushes not supported? I saw Notifications for push actions (regardless of PR) · Issue #22001 · go-gitea/gitea · GitHub for example.