Linked package not showing up in repo

I have a pushed docker image (package) to a gitea organization. Via the web ui I have linked it to the corresponding repo that built it. When I visit that repo I see no “packages” link as suggested would appear.

Am I missing something? or is this a bug.

Running gitea
Gitea Version
1.17.2 built with GNU Make 4.1, go1.18.6 : bindata, sqlite, sqlite_unlock_notify

You could enable it in repository settings

Enable what repository settings? Can you be more specific?

if you are looking at a package you can see the link to the linked repo


when you are looking at the repo there is no link/tab to any attached packages

I would expect to see another page tab “packages” (like “issues”) if one or more exist linked to the repo but there is none.

Was this never coded by the packages module?

click the settings in repository and check Enable Packages and save.

Sorry to hijack your post a bit, but how did you manage to push the image to an organization? I have only managed to push to a “owner” as in a user account.

I would love to push to an organization but when I log in with, let’s say a user called “giteaUser”, and want to push to organization “MyOrg”, then I get an “Authentication Required” message.

Just substitute your organization name like it was a user name. So the push target is

Then as @lunny says if you want it to be linked to a particular repo you have to enable packages for that repo and the in the packages tab for your organization you have to link that package to that repo by clicking on the settings for that package.

the credentials you need are for the user that has write permission to that organization.

see here about how to “login” using docker cli before trying to push

personally I have a script that does the pushing and also will login if necessary

Thanks for your swift reply.

The key for me was the following statement:

the credentials you need are for the user that has write permission to that organization

I did not have the user as part of a team in my organization and was therefore lacking the permissions to upload to the organization.