How do I get Gitea and mssql working together?

Hi There,

New user here, and I have a few questions… any advice on this is much appreciated.

So we are trialling gitea within our company (it looks ace!) as the company needs some kind of source control system. It is a Windows world so we have a SQL Server which we would like to use as the repository. We created the account on the server and the credentials all look spot on, I can log on to the server via SSMS with the gitea account and I can create/amend objects in the database. But the UI threw the error…

“The database settings are invalid: Login error: EOF”

This was if we used the IP or the DNS name for the DB.

So I switched across to sqllite to make sure it works and that works like a champ.

For the mssql the app.ini database section is…

DB_TYPE = mssql
HOST = VSQL02:1433
NAME = gitea
USER = gitea
PASSWD = gitea
SSL_MODE = disable

(DB = gitea and user = gitea)


  1. Has anyone been able to get this working with mssql? is there something I am missing?
  2. We are a small team of two devs at the moment so could we get away with just the sqllite database?
  3. To switch databases, do I just stop the service which is running gitea on the server and then modify the app.ini to point at the new database and then restart the service?




I am facing the same issue

I have found the answer to similar question of yours in one of the youtube’s video