Migrate from gitea db from sqlite to mssql

Want to migrate db of gitea from sqlite to mssql. Anyone have idea please help

I have also had the same problem (sqlite -> pg) and had solved it as follows:
1.ran gitea with pg creds for it to create tables
2.dumped sqlite db to sql
3.fixed some inconsistencies in the sql (i.e. boolean values and nulls)
4.ran the sql file on pg

I want to do the same thing from SQLite --> MariaDB.

I’m going to assume that the same process you used to move from SQLite to PostgreSQL is the best method in migrating to MySQL/MariaDB, but with respect to #3 in your description above what sort of ‘inconsistencies’ specifically am I looking at running into?

NOTE: I am not a DBA :wink:

I don’t know, I’m not a DBA as well =) I knew nothing about my inconsistencies before I tried to run the sql script on the target db, so mb you also just try to run it before asking questions? =)

I got it solved, so no worries :slight_smile: It was a clusterfuck trying to do it your way so I did it natively as per my other thread.