Setup Gitea Windows 10 with MySQL problem

Hey everyone!

i am trying to setup a gitea instance in Windows 10 using a MySQL database.

My problem is maybe really simple to solve, but i dont have any experince using MySQL.

In the very first installation page of the gitea installation, which is displayed, when you navigate to localhost:3000 i setup database to MySQL, host:, user: gitea, pass: ***, database: gitea.
In MySQL i created a database called gitea with “CREATE DATABASE gitea” and a user “gitea”.

When i click on the install button on the bottem of the page i always get the error message: “Datenbankeinstellungen sind ungültig: this authentication plugin is not supported” which seems to lead to an authentication problem. I have tried to find out what plugin gitea uses to login and which is set for the user gitea, but without any progress up to now. The only thing i found was that Gogs uses password value instead of mysql_native_password but that does not help up to now.

Can somebody please help me?

Hi @Aeonos,

There is a ticket open for this in the tracker: It has a workaround which may help you until the fix gets merged into the project.


I had the same problem with gitea1.6.0-rc1 on raspbian (pi3B+)
my Solution was to use the sqllite3 database. all the other didn’t work

Perhaps that’s a bug in certain ARM implementations of mysql? IIRC there are some using ODROID with host OS, but that’s x86 arch. Either way good to know. :+1:t3:

all the other database options didn’t work ether. so I think it is more likely a problem with gitea, or nginx. nginx seems likely for me as I had some problems before installing it.

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Thanks for the info. If you’re able to get it working it would be great to hear what you did. :sweat_smile: