Create mssql db for Gitea

I’m trying to install Gitea on Windows server using an mssql database. I’ve created the db manually in SQL mgmt studio. When I hit the Install button for Gitea I get:
The database settings are invalid: mssql: Invalid object name ‘SYS.INDEXES’.
Any tips/ideas on what to do for creating a valid database in mssql?

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after some more investigation it seems like querying for SYS.INDEXES in sql mgmt studio doesn’t work, however querying for sys.indexes (not captial letters) works fine. In gitea-1.13.4-windows-4.0-amd64.exe it’s spelled with captial letters, i.e. SYS.INDEXES.


Edit: the same goes for SYS.COLUMNS, must be sys.columns…
… haven’t checked all so there migth be even more…

Edit: so… now I change all sql query related commands to lowercase… and - alas - the installation worked fine!