Clone or Push error: 403

I’ve setup gitea on a windows server and can create repositories throught the wb interface.

When I try to clone or push to the repository I see the following error message:

fatal: unable to access ‘https://mydomain:3000/MyUserName/MyRepo.git/’: The requested URL returned error: 403

I have tired chanigng the repository’s setting to private and have had the same issue

Could anyone shed some on what is going wrong.


I see you are using SSL. Are you also using a self-signed certificate to enable SSL? If you are, git will not work. You need a trusted certificate for git to accept the connection. If this is a public facing page you can use Let’s Encrypt. If this is a private server then you will need an internal CA that has it’s root certificate trusted by all the internal users.

Or you can buy an SSL cert, yuk.

Thanks for the the tip on SSL certs. It wasn’t the cause of the problem but it lead me to the solution.

My issue was solved by setting up a proxy expectption for our internal server that hosts gitea.