Gitea in a windows container possible?

Is it even supposed to work inside a windows container ? I tried to run the last three versions inside a standard windows servercore container, but it will not even log any error.

TIL windows containers are a thing. So I don’t see why not if there’s a binary which runs on Windows.

It is not working, you execute the binary and it does nothing, it will not even log any error.

Never had a problem like this and I am running all different kinds of services in a docker container for some time now.

Thats why I am asking, if it is supported / possible.

There are many people running Gitea on windows directly so it should run in a container. However you may need to install some dependencies in the container in addition to Gitea, such as the git binary.

If possible, could you share the Dockerfile you use for windows container? As then it would be easier to debug what is happening.

Pull the newest Server core/Nano Container from the registry, Install git.install, getea from the chocolatey repo and run the Container interactive, with the Exposed Ports You need (http,DB,SSH). Gitea will Not Run at all, I even ran the Container AS “system”.

I use getea on Windows Server core vor a while now, nothing Special required.