Docker SSH keys

Really excited to use Gitea but after a late night of troubleshooting I can’t figure out my issue and might need to start over. Making this thread for others and hopefully some help. I’ll post more details next chance I get to troubleshoot.

I deployed gitea in a docker engine running in a debian container on proxmox. I was trying to use docker shell passthrough and using git-scm on windows 11 on a local network.

I was able to have sshd on the docker host accept the git clone but it’s not going any further. I get a repository does not exist/check permissions. I can clone via http. The gitea container port is mapped 222:22 and I am pretty sure that docker exec is working right. What I am not sure is whether the user key (generated on the windows 11 client) is being ultimately passed to gitea or if it is the host key (generated on the docker container) or no key. Is there a way to log clone requests and see what is failing?

I was just thinking, if I run gitea ssh on a non standard port, do I need to do anything with the shim? It’s a pretty minor edit to throw 2222 on the client and then I don’t have to have all extra pass through and checks.

Okidoke, in a less sleepy state, I do one thing (make the gitea fake command) and it works. Bottom line: use the gitea fake command and not the docker exec.

I think I was intimidated by the length of the first procedure but basically all the other ones refer to it. Case closed!

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