Installation on Windows Server 2012 R2 not working

I want to install gitea on a windows server and I have the following problem:

I downloaded gitea from here: “
After a click on it nothing happend I tried it also with as administrator but it was the same.

What was my mistake? (An installation on a linux system is not possible)

It is not installer, it is already executable that needs to be copied somewhere (for example “c:\gitea\gitea.exe”) and than follow docs to install it as service:


Also, if you want to run the binary directly (not as a service) for testing, you should open the command prompt and run:

gitea.exe web
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Hey lafriks and andreynering,

I found my mistake! I did not install git. Sorry that was me 1st time.

Now it is running.

Thank you for your help


Thank you for sharing your answer. Made the same mistake. The service did not start because I didn’t install git on the server. Followed the following good instructions: