Gitea as a GitHub Alternative

I just recently published a GitHub alternatives list and compared the best alternatives (including Gitea) Best GitHub Alternatives Compared – ThisHosting.Rocks

I thought I’d ask for feedback from the Gitea community. Anything I should change or add to Gitea’s features?

Hi @thr,

There is a comparison here: of various different features from a lot of different git hosting solutions.


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In terms of Gitea hosting Gitea you can see:

Also there are companies that offer Gitea hosting, as well as there are installations that are being offered for free. See:

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I’ve been using Gitea for a while now for all sorts of my projects, and I think it is a really great, self-hosted, lightweight alternative to everything else.

I think it is perfect, the only downside I could see is not having super specific features such as merge conflict resolution (which you can do on your end anyhow), or other specific git things that something like Gitlab may have. This hasn’t affected me, and you do not require anything other than the basic, and some intermediate, features that Github provides, then this would be an easy choice.