DB Performance: recommendations in 2022?


I’m currently evaluating Gitea for my personal projects. They’re currently using a simple Git server, but I’d love to have issues, the web UI etc. The two dozen repositories aren’t particularly large (a few hundred MBs, probably a few thousand commits overall). And I’m not planning to make this a public facing site. I don’t expect this to ever be used by more than three people.

As I’ve quite some positive experience with SQLite I tend to stick with it. It’s super simple to set up. Are there any recommendation why not to use it? I’ve searched the net, but didn’t find any kind of comparison wrt. performance (Gitea only, not in general). What features is it being used for? Where would I have to expect bottlenecks?

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I’ve had good experience using SQLite for small size services. I would be very surprised if you run into any kind of performance problem.

My 2cts

Thanks @dachary!

I think it would be good if there were some kind of official recommendations, or some comparison with good, representative numbers, for people to make the right choice. Setting up with SQLite is such a no-brainer. I wouldn’t be surprised if many wasted their time trying to get something else working without really needing to do so.

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I really can’t say. Since SQLite is the default, maybe people interested in self-hosting a small instance don’t think twice about it.

@mherger Did you ever go forward with this project and use SQLite? Would you mind sharing your gitea stats? Repo count? Size? Number of issues? Number of uses? Perceived performance?


For personal usage, it’s enough. For a team, we recommend you to use MySQL or Postgres.