Gitea Action: Best way to show "nightly" files/artifacts?

Hello !

I’m starting to use Gitea Action and it’s really promising!
I wonder if there are any plans to expose “artifact files” from a build, such as:

  • Nightly build executable,
  • The nightly installer of the project,
  • Debugging, logs and other files.

My first idea is to create a shared folder for the project on the server and the runner:

  • The runner builds all the executables, installer and files, zips and moves each file into the shared folder (if all goes well, if not, only the debug/log files are zipped).
  • On the server side, a Nginx server using the shared folder to expose these files.
  • In the, add the reference to the files.

I don’t think this is really clean, and I’m still very new to Gitea Action.
Do you know of a better way to do this?

Best regards