Gitea Action: Best way to show "nightly" files/artifacts?

Hello !

I’m starting to use Gitea Action and it’s really promising!
I wonder if there are any plans to expose “artifact files” from a build, such as:

  • Nightly build executable,
  • The nightly installer of the project,
  • Debugging, logs and other files.

My first idea is to create a shared folder for the project on the server and the runner:

  • The runner builds all the executables, installer and files, zips and moves each file into the shared folder (if all goes well, if not, only the debug/log files are zipped).
  • On the server side, a Nginx server using the shared folder to expose these files.
  • In the, add the reference to the files.

I don’t think this is really clean, and I’m still very new to Gitea Action.
Do you know of a better way to do this?

Best regards

Seems like the Generic Package Registry might be what you’re looking for?

Except to upload packages to Gitea Packages, you can also upload test reports to Action Artifacts via GitHub - actions/upload-pages-artifact: A composite action for packaging and uploading an artifact that can be deployed to GitHub Pages.