Continuous Integration

I’ve been using Gitea and Drone for quite some time now. Does anyone know a CI tool where I can create and download the build artifacts? Something like Gitlab/Gitlabrunner? I used Drone to upload the artifacts to Artifactory but that’s to bloated for me.

You mean that you’re familiar with GitLab CI and it is inconvenient for you to have to learn drone to perform the same kind of work? And you are looking for a way to run the same release pipeline as the current Gitea .drone.yml using GitLab CI.

I realize this does not answer your question, I’m just trying to better understand what you are after.

No, I already know how drone works. I used it for years already. I used drone for my private projects and have to use Gitlab-Ci for work. In Gitlab it is convenient to just name the artifacts that you’d like to keep. You can just download them from gitlab whenever you like. Drone doesn’t have that feature. Could I clear it up? Sorry for being unclear.

Now I understand, thanks for explaining. What you’re suggesting is some kind of feature enhancement to Gitea so that it can be used as a repository for artifacts, similar to what GitLab has. I see in the comparison table that Gitea does not have a container registry (which I assume means a alternative based on these discussions). I do not see any mention of other registries in this comparison.

Again I realize it does not help much since I won’t be the one to implement this :sweat_smile:

We (the gitea project) use Drone as our CI as well, but for artifacts we use minio to store them, the plugins/s3 drone plugin is specifically what we use for uploading them.

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I use the already mentioned Drone/Gitea Plugin to create releases in Gitea whenever a valid tag was pushed. This create the release itself and pushed the build artifacts to the release, as well.

In addition I run a Sonatype Nexus Artifact store to deploy my nuget packages and docker images. I couldn’t find any simler or slimmer approach since then.

So everything in this environment uses [Gitea] → [DroneIO] → [DroneIO Runner] → [Nexus] .

Hope this helps anyhow :wink:

That helped a lot actually. I had to switch to Gitlab because of the requirements. But I didn’t think about using minio. Guess I’ll do a test run on the weekend and then happily switch back to gitea.

I just like gitea way more, it is performing way better from my point of view.

Thanks for the answers.


You could also find a drone plugin or write your own one to publish your build artifacts. minio is not a necessary, you could also publish them to AWS or other cloud provider similiar services.

Feel free to try this GitHub - Praqma/git-artifact to use git as artifact management system… Feedback is wellcome…

The Readme needs an update but the tool’s is up-to-date…