Using github actions that look for files in a .github folder

As the title says, does anybody have any neat tricks when you want to use an action from the github marketplace, but it looks for config files specifically in the .github folder? (example that i want to use is this: Release Drafter · Actions · GitHub Marketplace · GitHub)

I guess the easiest thing, and what i suspect most do, is just create a .github folder for the config file in their gitea repos? Ultimately if i have to do that, its not that big of a deal.

But i thought i find out if there is any cool tricks or work arounds people are doing on gitea? I mean at the end of the day the action is just a repo of code we clone to our runner, so there is nothing stopping us from changing that code right? Is it much hassle to modify a github action, and cache it to our gitea instance? using that as an action instead?

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated :smile:

Most of github actions can be used directly. But for release action, please use actions/gitea-release-action: An github/gitea action to support publishing release to Gitea - gitea-release-action - Gitea: Git with a cup of tea because the release API is not compatible between Gitea and Github. And we can not do a break change currently.