Gitea accessibility issues and call for contributors on the fediverse

Ongoing GiveUpGithub campaigning, and people moving to Codeberg, has led to people complaining about Captcha’s and - before that - about how Gitea is much less accessible than Github. Especially for vision impaired people.

I am one of a number of people currently setting out calls for people to contribute so that accessiblity can be improved.

On Codeberg I added two comments to this issue in addition to the ongoing discussion:

The iron is hot now to get some real a11y thing going. But both Gitea project and Codeberg might take the lead here in making it easier for people to contribute. Where can they go, and how can they help?

If there’s more information you provide, me and others will help spread awareness to that, and call-for-action in various channels.


I’m highly interested in fixing accessibility issues. I’m blind myself, I used to work in accessibility and I’m a software engineer. I see many screen reader-related issues in Gitea, but as I like the software and want to use it in my projects, I’d like to fix them. But I need some guidance like: how to label an {{svg}} template so it would convey some text for screen reader users?

Same boat here. Blind developer looking to migrate a bunch of projects to Gitea, but there are paper cuts and I want to help.

In particular, I opened this issue a while ago. There’s a patch, but I don’t understand how the embedded templates work well enough to apply it and see if it works. Happy to do more but I’m only recently learning Go and am not familiar with how its file embeds and overrides work.


{{svg}} are template functions, you can find their source in the svg module.

Adding attributes to them would be done in that code somehow, most likely. Alternatively, if there is an open issue or you could provide guidance on what needs to be added, perhaps it could be placed in a ticket.

The provided proposed solution involves extracting the embedded template, running a patch against it, then running Gitea using the patched template.

This is more or less similar to customizing Gitea, however the extraction tool pulls the template directly from your binary (rather than a potentially incorrect one from GitHub, as templates change between versions).

Feel free to stop by our Discord or Matrix for more questions as well. :slightly_smiling_face: