How to turn off email notifications

Not all users want emails in addition the normal notification bubble on the Gitea site itself. I didn’t find any user setting for turning off notifications so far. Did I miss it somewhere or is it currently not possible to disable email notifications?

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When you open a repository in Gitea you’ll find the button “unwatch” on the top right. Maybe that helps?

Wouldn’t that also disable normal notifications on the website for that repo? I merely want to get rid of the emails sent to me, not the actual notifications on the site.

You can disable email notifications in the /custom/conf/app.ini file. See

Then stop and restart the gitea service.

But this would disable email notifications for all users, not just you.

Thanks. But again, that’s not what I’m looking for. Some people prefer notifications via email, others prefer to only go the website and use the notification badge/page. So enabling or disabling emails for everyone is not a solution.

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As far as I can tell this is not a functionality present at the moment. It has been mentioned in issue #5083, and hopefully it will be deemed as something needed for implementation. If I had more time I would have a look at it, but both my time and knowledge is limited.

how do you enable email notification in Gitea?