Gogs Database to Gitea (PostgreSQL)

I am trying to stand up our Gitea instance to replace Gogs.
I have created a new database for Gitea (PostgreSQL) using the Gogs database as a template.
When I try to start the process, it ends up stopping. The logs show the following:

2019/02/27 13:03:25 [I] Backing off for 3 seconds
2019/02/27 13:03:28 [I] ORM engine initialization attempt #10/10…
2019/02/27 13:03:28 [I] Migration: remove commits and settings unit types
2019/02/27 13:03:28 […itea/routers/init.go:82 GlobalInit()] [E] ORM engine initialization failed: migrate: do migrate: pq: column “index” does not exist

When I create a blank, new database (let’s call it Gitea2), Gitea starts up perfectly fine. It’s just that there’s no data whatsoever.

What would be the best way to approach this issue? I have dumped the Gogs database to a .txt file, but I’m not sure where to go from there.