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Continuing Gitea fork "Forgejo" available - #9

@jolheiser you have just proven me right man. You are part of dictatorship, you just dont want to admit it. Whats other explanation of linked above thread being locked by you?

I dont have rights to send @jolheiser message so I write here. @jolheiser will you respond?

Again, saying things does not make them true. The explanation was given in my edit, and further to stop unnecessary inflammatory comments such as the ones you’re making. The topic in question was answered.

Please refrain from doing so and I’d be happy to continue some form of discussion.

The answer is no. I will not be quiet because you (or whoever it would be) wants the truth to remain hidden and make fool of people. Just forget about it man.

People deserve to know the whole truth.

saying things does not make them true

if Im wrong, than just correct me. Why not doing this? I think the real answer is simple.

I did correct you, though?
I said Gitea remains open source and MIT, which is true and correct.

You would be the one with the burden of proof here.

If you don’t have anything other than slander, I’m afraid there’s not much more to discuss.

Correct. Discussion with closed-to-truth people is extremely hard, if not unavailable at all. Having above in mind, Im out of this discussion/topic. But not out of this forum.

I challenge you to find a single prominent open source project that is ran as a democracy. Almost every open source project is ran under a benevolent dictatorship, including the Linux kernel, and for good reason. Will you stop using Linux because it is ran by self-proclaimed dictator Linus Torvalds?

I am an active member of the Forgejo project and someone who strong believe Free Software projects must be run by organizations that work for the general public. This is why I prefer to participate in Forgejo rather than Gitea.

Forgejo is based on Gitea and countless other Free Software projects. Some of them run in the interest of the general public, others run by organizations and people who put their own interest first. We all make it work at the technical level despite our differences at the philosophical level: this is an essential aspect of the whole Free Software ecosystem.

There are frictions, no doubt, but there needs to be respect and some kind of explicit or implicit code of conduct to keep our discussions civilized. In the Forgejo project, very early on, a Code of Conduct was set in place as a reminder. While Gitea does not have a Code of Conduct, I feel (but that’s a personal opinion) that it is a space that deserves the same kind of respectful and considerate tone you would expect in any other Free Software project.

@wojtekxtx when I read your messages they make me uneasy. They give me the impression that you are very angry and trying to pick a fight rather than discuss in a productive way. I would be most grateful if you could change your tone so that the discussion can continue on a more productive basis. If I misinterpreted your intentions, I’d be grateful if you could let me know, as gently as you can.

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Oh yes, Im very much able to start discussing things in a productive way, but:

You are correct: Im extremely angry. Because current maintainers of Gitea are trying to make me look like a fool by speaking NO sense. OFC they believe what they say, but this:

clearly show they DONT CARE one bit about opensource. In other words, their GitHub repo is a facade only.

All this makes me, true believer in, and evangelist of real open-source, extremely said.

Ok if its NOT-FOR_PROFIT org. Otherwise false.

There are many. Just use Explore tab on GitHub. Im not your servant to do things for you.

why are forgjo advocates soo toxic?

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Please, everyone.
Keep the discussion civil.
Everyone has their own opinion, which is absolutely fine.
What is not fine is attacking individuals verbally / generalizing about a whole group.

@dachary is a good example here on how to avoid a shouting match:
While he and I have different priorities/views about certain Gitea-related topics, we can still discuss them normally.

For this thread, I don’t care about your opinions regarding Gitea, Forgejo, or whatever.
I will only ensure that the discussion remains civil and won’t turn into a shouting match.

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whoa @jolheiser… with all the seriousness I can see absolutely no attack on any participant in this topic. Its probable that you confuse attack with expressing one's opinion. May I be correct?

please explain wthat you mean by civil?

You are responding to an entirely different person.

Regardless, this topic has also run its course.
I am going to close this one as well. Please refrain from opening another unless there is something productive to add.

I would really like to avoid being heavy handed, but this is just going in circles.