Gitea fork "Forgejo" available

Dear Users,

please be aware that there is a non-commercial fork of Gitea available named “Forgejo”.


Just to clarify, Gitea will remain open source and MIT.
So in this case “commercial” is referring to Gitea Ltd being a company that backs Gitea, which is correct.

As an active contributor of the Forgejo community I would like the technical cooperation with Gitea to be fruitful and peaceful. Very much like every GNU/Linux distribution that has a custom build of the Linux kernel which is different from mainline.

It is true that the primary difference is that one is governed by a community led non-profit that further the interest of the general public while the other is governed by a for profit company. But communicating only about this difference reads more as a criticism than an informative message.

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You are right. My apologize.

It is still not clear for me what the diff is between “Gitea” as a software project and “Gitea limited”. How is Gitea Ltd involved? What can they do and what not?

If it is not a big-deal then why is there a need for a fork?

I’m just confused and take this as an opportunity to learn.

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Gitea, as a software project, is the same as it has always been.

Gitea Ltd is a company, formed by two of the owners, which holds the domain/assets for Gitea, and also backs Gitea.

As far as I know, the fork is generally disapproving of a company owning the assets vs the community (or non-profit, in this case)
And of course any potential governance decisions that could come from that, although the two said owners have been owners consistently for 3-4 years now. (and beyond that, lunny has been an owner since Gitea was started)

The social context is a big deal to me, reason why I prefer to participate in Forgejo. But I also understand that other people such as @jolheiser value the momentum Gitea Ltd. brings to the project. There are irreconcilable differences between Gitea and Forgejo, one of them (as you correctly pointed out) being the ultimate goal of the two organizations (for profit and non-profit), and that’s why a fork happened. Very much like there are deep philosophical differences between the Linux Foundation, a trade association who pays for the salary of Linus Torvalds and Debian GNU/Linux a non-profit devoted to look after the interest of the general public under a democratic governance.

But, and that’s the beauty of Free Software, there is a technical common ground for the two projects to cooperate despite those deep philosophical differences.

Does that clarify the way I see the situation?

Dont! Just do not! Do not make situation worse than it really is, please. Gitea is awesome product, but, lets face it, we all know too well, that the above is just facade; in reality Gitea is forming dictatorship.

Thank you for the concern, however your speculations aren’t facts.
My statement remains true, and will continue to remain true.

I’m going to close this topic, as I believe we’ve responded to the original statement.