Configuration Error Preventing Repository Access on Gitea

I’m encountering an issue with repository access on my Gitea instance due to a configuration error. Here’s a breakdown of the problem:

  1. Initial Setup: I’ve recently set up a Gitea instance on my server to host Git repositories for my projects.
  2. Access Restrictions: Initially, everything seemed to be working fine, and I was able to create repositories and push code to them.
  3. Sudden Access Blockage: However, I’ve recently noticed that I’m unable to access any of the repositories, whether through the web interface or via Git commands.
  4. Error Messages: When attempting to access a repository, I’m greeted with error messages indicating permission denied or repository not found.
  5. Configuration Review: Upon reviewing my Gitea configuration files, including app.ini, I couldn’t identify any obvious misconfigurations that might be causing this issue.

Attempts to Solve:

  1. Server Restart: I’ve tried restarting the Gitea server multiple times to see if the issue resolves itself, but to no avail.
  2. Permissions Check: Verified that file and directory permissions for Gitea’s data directory are correctly set to ensure proper access.
  3. Logs Examination: Reviewed Gitea’s logs for any error messages or warnings that might provide insights into the root cause, but couldn’t find anything conclusive.
  4. User Authentication: Ensured that my user account has the necessary permissions to access repositories, and I haven’t made any recent changes to user roles or permissions.

Request for Assistance: I’m seeking assistance from the forum.gitea. com community to help diagnose and resolve this configuration-related issue preventing repository access on my Gitea instance. If anyone has encountered similar problems or has expertise in troubleshooting Gitea configuration errors, any guidance or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Is there anyone who can help me this? I would love your guidance. Thanks! :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face: