Trying to push to gitea https server from non-server machine getting 403 error

I am trying to use gitea from the non-gitea machine.
Using from the gitea server (localhost) is working fine.
Using from the other machine getting the following error in the logs:
2020/11/15 20:18:11 … [I] [SQL] SELECT id, user_id, repo_id, mode FROM access WHERE user_id=? AND repo_id=? LIMIT 1 [3 3]
2020/11/15 20:18:11 …s/context/context.go:204:HandleText() [E] User permission denied
See zipped log : log

According to the logs Gitea is having issues with the TLS certificates.

Hello John,
Thanks for your answer.
It may be true with the TLS but in the end what was preventing me to do the push was that the user was not registered as collaborator for the repository so that is why i got access denied,
I fixed that and it was ok…